Abadi: The government approved a new salary scale for justice but did not acknowledge until now Appropriations Act

Brother - Baghdad - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said, "The challenges faced by the country of which we will come out stronger than before."

He said in a speech during a meeting with a group of presidents and professors of colleges, "The separation of powers is important, but not on the basis of organic separation and wrestle them as it was before but on the basis of integration, but some try to this conflict back will not let him."

He noted that "government support for education Ahli but the partnership through improving the situation of education in the country and not be the goal of education Ahli make money class basis in isolation from the development of education and the dissemination of science," stressing "the importance of the development of the educational level and have some community colleges level equivalent but It is better than public universities scientifically."

And between al-Abadi, said that "the country is going through challenges and the most important challenge of terrorism and financial challenge and the value of what we are working and we are calling for in the absence of our victory and our response to terrorism."

"The heroes are investigating victories and liberated very large areas where security and we assume even better than before and our body clear example of national unity through our heroes welcome all areas of the armed forces."

He stressed his commitment to the government program which provides one of the paragraphs to stimulate the private sector, he said, "we have issued many decisions as we launched a program to simplify government procedures because some are trying to complicate things on the citizen and the investor and those hiding behind them spoilers."

Abadi and continued: "We have a financial crisis processors but reduced government expenditures the best of what is in addition to developing the planning for this crisis," referring to the "serious work as well as to fight the corrupt and hit some of these joints."

He added, "The government approved a new salary scale for justice but did not acknowledge until now Appropriations Act, there are committees working for a law to allocations, but we were surprised trying some mixing Securities and talk figures are not unfounded."