Inner restore 190 million dinars for one of the families of the martyrs Ministry

Instructed Interior Minister Mohammad Salem Al-ghabban, financial allocation to one of the families of the martyrs Ministry amounting to 190 million dinars.

According to a statement by the Ministry, Yu "rewrote the financial allocations and legal entitlements belonging to one of the families of the martyrs Ministry heroes and $ 190 million, after the family met the Minister and presented before the eyes are mstmskatha and official papers, where he instructed the administrative authorities and the legal action immediately on completion of the treatment of family and view details on it on a daily basis until the full treatment in preparation for receiving the family title and full rights".
He added that "the family of the martyr and applied for Minister thanks and gratitude for the tireless efforts which resulted in receipt of money".
The statement noted that "the Minister devoted part of his time and continuously to meet citizens and associates of both applicants and complaints, respond to these requests in accordance with legal powers, and ordering to refer other requests to stakeholders and as assets whose ownership by management"