Kobad Talabani: ready for agreement with Baghdad

Roodao-Erbil, Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, kobad Talabani, Kurdistan to Baghdad delegation trip starting at normal condition, ready for agreement with Kurdistan Baghdad about controversial topics.

Kobad Talabani said during a press conference in Arbil on the sidelines of the Middle East Forum for research into Arbil, "we went to Baghdad to normal, not a Biggie, Baghdad, capital of Iraq, and we are a part of Iraq", adding: "we are ready to agree with Baghdad".

Kobad Talabani explained that "when the situation is appropriate and in Baghdad expressed willingness to KLIA and we ours, we were going to Baghdad".

And about the legality of Kurdistan if the delegation of representation of the change movement and position of the PUK, Talabani kobad said "we haven't gotten to the stage of discussing about it".

And the oil agreement concluded between Erbil and Baghdad, Talabani said kobad "definitely not implemented that Convention, however, it was talk that is important that we do not agree, we are ready to agree with Iraq if we went into Baghdad, the Convention must be appropriate and doable, and not just be ink on paper".

The saying "we know what the problem is and what the problem is in Iraq, we must find a solution to those problems, to be appropriate and feasible".

Held in Erbil, Tuesday 3-11-2015 strategic studies Conference, with the aim of providing solutions to political and economic crises experienced by Iraq and Kurdistan, and scheduled a series of meetings on the sidelines of the Forum, which continues Thursday 5/11/2015.