One source shows the reality of the new salary scale and the allocations of State officials

Earlier, the source said Tuesday that salaries of Deputy Presidents and Ministers "standstill" since August last, the decision to cancel their positions "fully implemented", as he was passed the new salary scale "only", he stressed that "recognized" some segments of the allocations of staff reduction.

The source said in an interview for alsumaria news, "nullity Vice Presidents and Ministers in effect and applied full reverse what is rumored", stressing that "their salaries suspended since last August and pulled them offices and do not engage in any official capacity never".

The source said on condition of anonymity, said that "the new salary scale had been approved only to achieve greater equity among staff and designated low income", saying it "poses no threat to anyone but the contrary it subtracts from the three higher grades only 4% of nominal salary and salary increases minimum three degrees varying up to 21%".

And between the source, that "some segments of the allocations of staff did not recognize reduced until now still under examination and deliberation and been listening to professionals and concerned", adding that "it is important to contribute to the Chamber of Deputies and political blocs, and citizens in the debate and dialogue to take responsibility in finding solutions to the current financial crisis".

The source said, that "reducing the salaries of MPs and Ministers and presidencies, two months ago, with large proportions and was fully implemented, as is reducing protections for officials already and dragging a large number of officials and sent some protections to fronts and has performed well in combat terrorist bands daash", pointing out that "in addition to economic reforms and stimulate the economy and create jobs by providing 5000 billion dinars to housing loans, agriculture and industry, as well as 1000 billion loans to help young people to start a professional economic activity".

He drew the source that "many of the streets have been opened that were closed in Baghdad and other provinces, as open green area for citizens, and don't forget the unblock night roaming after 12 years to be imposed", arguing that "brilliant military victories achieved by the reforms undertaken by the Prime Minister on military and fight corruption and the crowd which led to strengthening the military and enable it to edit the full spend Baiji and drained vast areas around it, as well as deployment in Ramadi and edit large areas around".

He was Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi said on Tuesday that the new salary scale resolution did not include allocations for State officials, stating that a special resolution of the salaries.

And invited the religious reference, (23 October 2015), to study the new salary scale once again by the expertise and competence to ensure justice for all.

The new salary scale obligatory refusal by many State officials who took extensive demonstrations in Baghdad and other provinces to demand its cancellation as "unfair".