National Alliance leaders are thinking by home crisis

God!! .. National Alliance leaders are thinking by home crisis

Iraq/Baghdad seems to still live him the country from crises, which resemble waves of recent rains, the governing body for consideration by the National Alliance on "meeting held last night, led by Ibrahim Al-Jaafari-President and Prime Minister-Haidar Abadi, political, security and economic developments in Iraq and the region," the official mouthpiece Ja'afari.-Media Library, transfer details, stating: "the governing body deliberated during the meeting the latest developments in Iraq, the political and the entire region, in addition to studying the economic, financial, and secondary dependant's periodic benefits solutions GAT to support the State budget problems.

That falls on lower oil prices ", either share security was:" was also on security developments, great victories right kotha security forces, the heroes of the popular crowd, clans, and the Peshmerga ", regarding the financial crisis, will read:" that meeting raised inter alia proposals for strengthening products secondary dependant's periodic benefits financial structure, and the face of the crisis, urging the participants to work hard to follow the current economic crisis, and taking into account the employees ' salaries, and low-income and medium in determining salaries, recognized as well as academics, and holders of advanced degrees, experience, the most important objects to find funding sources for budget Through the development of agriculture, industry, tourism, and investment, to decodeThe financial crisis, and not rely on oil ", it seems that what happened in the recent Vienna Conference on Syrian crisis, also had a share of the national meeting:" the meeting reviewed, the Vienna Conference held to discuss the case, which involved Iraq, announcing its position in support of a political solution, taking into consideration, the will of the people, and invite relevant States to cooperate, and understanding to reach a speedy solution vision b large damage area that falls on the continuing crisis in Syria and return solution includes Syrians, and the reconstruction of affected areas The conflict, noting that Iraq would be the biggest winner from the security and stability in Syria ", with regard to relations with neighboring countries, national leaders have concluded:" there is a need to continue the dialogue with the countries of the region to establish balanced relations with it, within the national constants, and everyone's interests ", and the position of the national Government and Al-Abadi, said the statement:" new position in support of the Government of Prime Minister-Haidar Abadi, repairs made within the framework of the Constitution, is called to stand in the face of terrorism, wemaal crisis, and efforts continue to Repairs with care partners in rationalizing, development and solidarity for success ", and about the services the poor Iraqis, found the body of the National Alliance, that:" mobilize all State agencies, to alleviate the suffering of the citizens who suffer from poor services, floods caused by rain torrents, need to develop pragmatic solutions, walghastaanh the experience of the developed countries, to contribute to minimizing the tragedy afflicting Iraq Yon for years ".