Government: no prejudice to staff allocations

Budget up to Parliament and expectations of imminent approval resolution of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi command on continuing reforms, despite the obstacles, vowing not to back down from the fight against corruption.

And with the reassurance of government employees that the new salary scale does not affect allowances, arrived yesterday, the budget law to the Sejm, to begin the countdown for approval after making Cabinet changes with fast approval compared with previous budgets. The Prime Minister said in his manifesto "resolve and determination to continue reforms and fight against corruption and corrupt and not undo it despite challenges and obstacles.

Dr. Haidar Al-Abbadi said: «will not lose their privileges attempts to impede reforms or turn back the clock and reversal of what we have accomplished, the will of the people is stronger and will root out corruption and bring justice in Iraq.

The assurances came a day after Al-Abbadi resolution representative text on supporting reforms without delegated open to the Government, and came in response to some politicians who opposed the reforms.

Not far from it, said Saad Al-Hadithi, spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister: "Cabinet of Ministers decision of your new salary scale does not include allocations received by State officials.

Hadithi said the amendment stipulated the new salary scale special nominal salary exclusively. Cabinet official assured» morning», declared Al-Hadithi said the new salary scale adjustment ensures that the nominal salary, and did not include staff allocations, but reduced levels I, II and III of the career ladder in order to reduce the disparities between the upper and lower grades staff who have been increasing their salaries». RAI in economic Adel Abu loaf that new peace Government's corrective action to create the base of fair wages.

The loaf for» morning» that sound government orientations in the circumstances affecting the country as a result of lower oil prices.

The center of this picture, a representative for source» morning» access Bill 2016 budget to the House of representatives. the Office attributed the delay in sending up budget Abadi on Tuesday legal action related to the redrafting and amending certain paragraphs based on the observations raised by the members of the Council of Ministers session approved on 18 October last.

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