Procrastination Prime renewed dream Commander necessary third term

Othello Djeffal Baghdad news the day before yesterday, pulling the House delegation has given Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi soft way, "support and full support for parliamentary and governmental reform packages, but he stressed his keenness to achieve (in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the laws in force) within the specified time schedule in line with the aspirations of the people who put their confidence in this Council and made him the responsibility of representation".

The Board denied his b "delegate any legislative powers under the Constitution to any other authorities, so that compliance with the principle of separation of powers, each power of State authorities to function and not refer this post to other authorities".
Only one hour on the parliamentary resolution kaskas wings Abadi, even leaking news of the SJC's decision to return the three Vice-Presidents who had objected at first reform package Abadi.

Although the Council denied this news after nearly two hours of trading on most news agencies, but a source close to the Centre of decision-making in green, said in an interview for "Baghdad news" that "the decision had already been taken to return the Missan iraqiyah as Deputy President, but the Board decided to gauge the reaction of the street first, before it is final, or if it has received significant negative reactions".

The source said on condition of anonymity, that "negative reactions are pushed the Council to exile, but returned to the fore soon", noting that "the first broadcast news agencies suspected of belonging to Ahmed, son of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki".
He drew the "Supreme Judicial Council did not endorse the now Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi, dismissed, where Maliki still uses characteristic (Vice President) in the data and in the channel owned by horizons".
The source said that "Maliki in look in previous period gap to win immunity, where Deputy Hassan Al-Sunaid, resigned from the House to the first alternative, but the Council refused to resign, and Sinead is maintained".

Al-Abadi of Maliki game slip with the Judicial Council if later said in a statement released by his press office on Tuesday, and received "Baghdad newsletter", we "underline our resolve and determination to continue reforms and fight against corruption and corrupt and not undo it despite challenges and obstacles".
Abbadi said in his statement that "attempts have lost their privileges will not impede reforms or turn back the clock and what we have achieved, stronger and citizens will take off the roots of corruption and justice in Iraq".

Al-Abbadi's statement was clear that it was directed to Al-Maliki and other politicians, as he returned to the Iraqi Street stumping achievement aslahath, while Maliki trench began playing the chord twice Abadi and force Al-Maliki, said the Attorney for the State of law Coalition emotions grace that "former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had obtained the powers granted to the incumbent Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, an Iraq better than the current situation much", stating that "the delegation and the people and the House if Maliki, To make Iraq a paradise ".
Grace said in an interview with disciple "Baghdad news" that "the political blocs had a knife in the side of Al-Maliki, although his Government political majority", noting that "quotas increased in the current Government, despite a call by its composition to be political majority".