International coalition aircraft launched new raids in Iraq and Syria series
3 November 2015

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Announced common tasks, which leads the international coalition operations, force Tuesday, on the implementation of 15 air strike against targets of the organization "Daash" in Iraq and seven other strikes in Syria.

The force said in a statement issued today that "the international coalition carried out, on Monday, 15 air strike against al Daash in Iraq," indicating that "the strikes were concentrated around the towns of Sinjar, Ramadi, Mosul and destroyed weapons and buildings and the headquarters of the organization stores and a system of tunnels."

She added that "the other goals were near the towns of Baiji and Hawijah and Habbaniyah, and two other towns."

She continued strength, that "seven strikes were carried out in Syria and destroyed combat and two bulldozers and three cranes and truck locations."

And it implements the international coalition led by the United States, more than a year since the air strikes targeted an al "Daash" in Iraq and Syria, without disclosing the size of the organization and human losses caused by these blows sites.