Work includes (4) project thousands of social security during the current year

BAGHDAD / JD / .. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for inclusion (4066) projects in Baghdad and the provinces to the provisions of the law of retirement and social security. A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Ammar Menem in a written statement received / JD / Mschh of it: that the ministry included (4066 ) new projects in Baghdad and the provinces guaranteed on the track (76 158) factor to the provisions of the retirement and social security law No. 39 of 1971 for a period of 2-1 and up to 09.30.2015, were (74821) male and (in 1337) than females, indicating that the The ministry included during the month of September (540) new project ensured the (9194) factor provisions of this law.
He added that the new inclusive procedures and according to the law take place after the submission of the official documents that prove the ownership of the project, namely, (a vacation industrial development or book the Registrar of Companies, and the identity of the Union Industries, the identity of the Chamber of Commerce, and the lease, and the certificate issued by the official authorities.) and between Menem: that the ministry is seeking to secure and expand social security benefits as a right of the man who ensures live in dignity rights, pointing out that the expansion of the advantages of the branches of security is to (health insurance, and to ensure that work-related injuries, and to ensure retirement, and ensure services) is achieved through the development and perpetuation of pension fund money and ensuring workers. The first Social Security law is Law No. 27 of 1956 which provides for the mandatory savings and insurance.