Iraq calls on Switzerland to activate bilateral agreements and discuss with them the launch of its assets frozen

Called Iraq, Tuesday, Switzerland to re-activate the bilateral agreements, and urged its enterprises to invest in the domestic its market, and discussed with her the subject of frozen Iraqi assets have which is due to be released, while the Swiss government expressed its readiness to support Iraq's political and security, and provide more aid him.
This came during receiving foreign minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, today, to adopt the Swiss ambassador is resident in Iraq leaves, Heinz Peter Lenz, and "discussed bilateral relations and ways of developing them to serve the interests of the two friendly countries," according to a statement to the Office of al-Jaafari, received (range Press) copy him.
He wished al-Jaafari, the ambassador of "success in his diplomatic duties in Baghdad," expressing "the Foreign Ministry ready to provide all support and services to the Swiss Embassy in the context of deepening relations."
The Foreign Minister stressed the importance of "re-activating the agreements signed with the Swiss side frame serves the two countries," calling on Swiss companies to "invest in Iraq."
The ministry claimed in a statement that al-Jaafari and Linz, "discussed the issue of frozen Iraqi assets in Switzerland, which is scheduled to be transferred to Iraq," indicating that the minister "for what by Switzerland of humanitarian aid to Iraq as a result of the exceptional circumstances of the war on terror Daash gangs, and the mitigation of the suffering of the displaced people. " The ministry quoted the Swiss ambassador, that he "expressed" his country's readiness to support Iraq's political and security, and provide more assistance, "stressing" the supporting Iraq in international forums his country's position, especially in the fight against Daash terrorist gangs ". The Swiss government declared at the fall of the former regime in (the ninth of April 2003), has announced the freezing of the Iraqi government and corporate deposits Iraqi official, pending UN Security Council decides to subordinate those funds. 8%A7