Establish a mechanism for the delivery of a new salary .. Baghdad Council staff salaries in the millions

He confirmed the Baghdad Provincial Council, on Monday, that tomorrow's meeting will discuss the new mechanism for the delivery of the capital, salaries mode, stressing at the same time the existence of prior coordination with the concerned people in the state to steal employees' salaries. ​
A member of the security committee in the Council Ghaleb Zamili in a recent press statement, The 'Baghdad Provincial Council earlier called for the use of the smart card in the capital salaries delivery process in order to avoid theft operations that take place between now and then', stressing that 'tomorrow's meeting will discuss the implementation of this resolution.

"He added Zamili' Everyone knows that salaries Iraqi officials are in the millions and this is what increases the ambitions of organized gangs follow-up process of the transfer of these funds from the central bank to institutions and government departments', explaining that 'there prior coordination might be in some robberies between the concerned people in the state and organized gangs'.

The amount of 211 Provision million dinars to the staff of the paper plant had stolen an unidentified armed group in the Taji area near Baghdad Gate north of the capital, was preceded by another process similar to the ring wearing a black outfit breeding Rusafa second salaries were stolen in the municipal area east of Baghdad.

It is noteworthy that armed robbery and theft of funds operations citizens and their salaries are not new on the scene, as much as being similar cases and under the threat of arms, which requires security authorities condensation of its efforts to prevent it with take caution in the transfer of funds from the bank Almkza to places disbursement process.