Auction Central remittances

Mustafa al-Hashimi regulated by the central bank on the tenth of this month, a live auction for the sale of Hawwalath of the 91-day at $ 200 billion Danar.ozkr source in the bank »Sabah» that this auction is the twenty-third of its kind and holds a number c149 within the central plan to issue Hawwalath this year which includes the establishment of 26 the auction of a Hawwalath with term 91 Aoma.oadav that the maturity date will be the tenth of the month of February next year where a term expiring Alajl.erb source expressed hope that the full amount of Asdarih sale of beneficiary entities that will participate in the auction. In the same context The central bank announced the results of an auction sale Hawwalath of the 91-day and which systems in the twenty-seventh of last month. A statement of the bank that during the auction sale of the full amount of Asdarih (200 billion dinars) to 6 out of seven beneficiaries participated in the auction, adding that the sale Asdarih was at a multi-utility, and the highest discount rate stood at 4.20 percent.
He said the total number of participants in the auction totaled seven points won 6 of which are represented by five banks and the Department of care of minors amounts provided. According to a private «morning» the statistical total amount of remittances sold more than 3 trillion dinars of the total of the planned five trillion dinars for this year, noting that the central has not announced the results of auctions numbered c138 and c146.