Abdul-Mahdi, confirms the importance of strategic oil projects and away from the prosthetic policies


Baghdad (where) - Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the importance of strategic projects to be undertaken Kalambeshrh Basra line [modern] Jordan, Syria and line last pipeline with Iran, calling for a move away from the prosthetic and short-sighted policies or confrontational.
A statement by his office received the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on the Kurdistan region continued leveling out for several months for delivery Sumo any crude oil from the northern fields, none of Kirkuk and the region, either from the southern ports, were exports going natural Bmadlathma, more than 3 million barrels / slightly Day , then got a storm, in the last days of the month, gusting 84 knots, or about 120 km / h, which stopped the final of any export from the southern ports also, for a period of 72 full hours.
"He added," and ended the month of October monthly exports totaling 83.935 million barrels, According to Statistics preliminary to the ministry, achieving monthly resources worth 3.320 billion dollars, an average of just under 2.7 million barrels / day more production, preventing Iraq from exporting more than 9 million barrels extra during October, offset by the accumulation of stocks of $ 11.012 million barrels a preparer for export starting from November 1 this. "
said Abdul-Mahdi said, "it was for Iraq before the Iran-Iraq war, several export outlets and most importantly, through the southern ports and the line of Yanbu Saudi .. and through Syria and Lebanon, and through Turkey to Ceyhan, was Iraq's exports at the time less than current exports, at least from the southern ports, which shows the increase in storage capacity and export in recent times, despite the severe destruction that hit during the last war.
"said Abdul-Mahdi," rather than to expand Iraq diversified transmittance export openness to Iran, Jordan, Kuwait also to give himself the necessary flexibility, wire Conversely narrow policy does not have the dimension of vision, or organized about it hostile policy made ​​him a prisoner of political conflicts, regional and international, which explains how a country almost entirely dependent on oil that exports cease as soon as the storm makes mooring any ship impossible, but a threat that could lead to damage large, which is what happened during the three days of the month of October last.
"And that" what happened is a sensitive and strategic and requires everyone to appreciate the importance of strategic projects to be undertaken Kalambeshrh Basra line [modern] Jordan and Syria, and that is to make some modification him to extend Branch his last pass near the Saudi border and down to Aqaba, as well as direct pipeline discussed long with the Iranian side, and the representations of an initial up Basra in Abadan, Iran, ports, and other lines across Kurdistan to Iran.
"He continued," In addition to the talks under way to build a complete export Island at sea, or the completion of the port of Faw, or the implementation of Iraq's large port, which extends to the depths of the sea to provide ports provide adequate protection and refracting waves required for docking and storage of oil, even in the worst weather conditions.
"He stressed," Fortunately, the ministry had completed during the months the last series of reservoirs allowed it to accommodate continuous production in preparation for export when conditions improve, and this in our opinion is a good sign but it does not raise the concern that we feel, especially now that Iraq wants to live up produce it and its exports to the weakening of the current rates, which requires everyone to stay away from the prosthetic and short Policy review or confrontational.
"He concluded by saying," Iraq will not be a strong Iraq to serve his sons did not live internally and unite forces, and will not be strong and mighty an Iraq that did not get along with its neighbors and the outside environment. "