Baghdad exhibition will reap the profits of many of the state

Deputy governor of Baghdad, Jassim Alboukhata Tuesday that Baghdad would reap the profits from the exhibition through participation and direct selling companies as well as open trade and economic prospects with the Arab States and the world. He's Alboukhata / scales News / "Baghdad gallery represents an important opportunity to present the most important products and ages to support the reality of the country and promote it," noting that "the current session of distinct product lost in the circumstances and challenges faced by the country." He added that "The exhibition includes important services through international companies involved up to 22 countries, Arab and international countries, Russia, Japan, Germany, Iran, Syria, Tunisia and the number of companies 600 companies among international and Arab and Iraqi"
He pointed out that "all the halls were fully booked and there is no vacant room so far been Achgar all the halls." The Security Exhibition by the Baghdad Operations Command and the preparer to receive citizens. The Ministry of Commerce has called, earlier, to participate in the Baghdad International Fair to contribute effectively to the success of the exhibition states. The Minister of Trade and agency Xiaa Sudanese Mohammed, announced earlier, on the participation of some 22 Arab and foreign countries in the Baghdad International Fair, while noting the Iraqi government has allocated 250 million dinars to Baghdad gallery Ata.