Parliamentary objection to the government to withdraw the law of the Federal

Objected to the Committee of the Regions and governorates not organized province, parliamentary, on the government to withdraw the General Authority to monitor federal revenues Law, the Finance Committee has confirmed that this law will achieve justice in the distribution of resources among the provinces in the event of approval. The Chairman of the Committee of the Regions Khaled Mafraji Valley press statement seen by the agency of our economy News that there is a problem Taatari Article 106 of the withdrawal of the government, represented by the Law of the establishment of a public body to monitor imports of the Federal Constitution, adding that his committee and jointly with the Finance Committee completed the reading and arrived at the stage of voting. He attributed Mafraji the reasons for the withdrawal of the government for this law to claim that the bush and upload them financial burdens, especially as the country suffers economically difficult circumstance, objecting to the withdrawal of this law because it would «damage the interests of the people. For his part, Finance Committee member Jabbar al-Abadi said this body if established it will monitor the distribution of federal revenues among the provinces by poverty and deprivation rate in every one of them.
He said the Attorney-Abadi, said that under the Constitution it is necessary to be there body monitors so transparently, stressing that some believe there is a preference for some provinces on the other, and perhaps some of them got priority. He also noted that the existence of a body to monitor federal revenues will end all these problems.