Legal representative: Government has set laws to parliament, including the civil service

The Legal Committee of Parliament announced that the government reinstated the House of Representatives set of laws that had withdrawn from the board.
Committee Chairman Mahmoud Hassan, told all of Iraq [where] that "a set of laws came from the government, and distributed in the House of Representatives and the work is under way on them, including the Federal Civil Service Law, and others." He explained that "the government had requested Governments laws the former for the purpose and placed according to the contexts in line with the financial situation of the country.
"Council of Ministers had been withdrawn in the past September 54 bill from the House of Representatives" for maturation and adjusted.
"promised House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, the government delayed sending bills upheaval of the work of the parliament", calling on them to "speed up the re-laws withdrawn from Parliament, especially since some of them had read the first reading and the second by the representatives of the people."
He added Jubouri that "some of these laws has reached the stage of voting, but the prime minister to withdraw those laws prevent the Council from continuing to read or voted on ", adding that" the return of such laws from the government to the parliament delay is confusion for the work of the House of Representatives and a delay with its obligations to the people who expected to pass important laws.
"The House of Representatives ended early last April, the first reading of the draft Civil Service Law.
among the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham al-Jubouri's [where] the law "regulates employee in employment relationship occurs administrative system in Iraq and everything related to employee vacations, sanctions and promotions hand," adding that "the bill eliminates all laws on salaries and staff since 1960 to a year 2015 will be canceled under which more than 150 legally to this aspect of the new law and will be replaced as well as all the negatives processed in the salaries of state employees Law No. 22 of 2008 ".