Investment project to create B2700 residential unit complex in Maysan

Twilight News / met with the governor of Maysan Ali Douai needed today in his office in the Office of the province Chinese director of the company "Ever Bright winning the contract investment for the implementation of 2700 housing units in the (Abu Rummana County / Holi) The way in partnership with the company," Copper House "Syria where he was review the preliminary designs for the project The meeting Associate artistic and technical adviser and economic adviser to the governor attended.

The governor of Maysan in a statement to the media office "project includes the complex creation of 2700 housing units carried out in three categories (100, 150 and 200 m2) as well as service and entertainment and a health center, schools, commercial centers and a mosque and hall for events facilities."

He added that "the complex area of ​​600 acres and the duration of the work of the three years in which complements each part during the year according to the contract between the company and the citizen."

He pointed out that "the housing complex will be dedicated to the people of the province, and expressed the hope that the project is implemented according to the specifications and the period specified for that and the emphasis on increasing green space and attention to design and make it commensurate with the nature of the people of the province."

For his part, director of Ever Bright "and his partner" Copper House "that the two companies will work on the implementation of the housing project and receipt of the required specifications within the period specified done.

The province of Maysan and annual plans within the housing sector has attached great importance through the implementation of a number of housing projects which reached the proportions of advanced achievement in their work as well as future projects for the sector.