Three presidencies attributed the death of MP Ahmad Chalabi

Twilight News / Ezzat three presidencies of the Presidency and the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers on Tuesday the death of President of the Iraqi National Congress MP Ahmad Abdul Hadi Chalabi.

The Council of Ministers of condolence came during the regular meeting held today in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

In a statement, al-Abadi said he was "with the departure of Dr. Ahmad Chalabi next to his Lord on this day, Iraq may be lost as long as the character has been serving in the opposition stage. Continued his service in Iraq's Governing Council and the transitional government and other locations."

Abadi said that "the Council of Ministers expresses its deep sorrow. Bari calling on the Almighty to bestow His infinite mercy."

For his part, President of the Republic mourned Fuad Masum, in his speech, Chalabi said, "mourn with regret and pain, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Hadi Chalabi, a member of the House of Representatives and the President of the National Congress."

"It was great for the deceased pivotal role with Iraq's most prominent leaders in the fight against dictatorship and work to undermine it and to start building a federal democratic Iraq free, which has been working diligently and insistence for him until the last moments of his life."

The statement pointed out that "the loss of Dr. Chalabi in such circumstances a great loss not only offset Time mentioned the good."

And mourned the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi the death of Chairman of the Committee for Finance in the House of Representatives leader of the Bloc citizen Ahmad Chalabi.

He said Sheikh Hamoudi said in a statement "more grief and sorrow and a sense of major loss we mourn to the Iraqi people the news of the death of Dr. Ahmad Chalabi morning of a heart attack," stressing that "the deceased was an example of perseverance, dedication and hard work and that his death loss of the political arena."

He said Sheikh Hamoudi, the "hearts Iatzaretha pain we received news of the death of the late politician Iraqi veteran and head of the parliamentary finance committee, Dr. Ahmad Chalabi", stressing said, "we can only say that the political and national our own lost balanced personality known as moral benefits of great dedicated her life to service home".

Meanwhile, a Vice President of the House of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, that "the departure of such a prominent figure who was known for his national obvious, courage and opposed the Baath buried system for many years in the Diaspora, and contributed to a large hard for the success of the political process after 2003 and in the most difficult stage of the history of Iraq."

He added that "Chalabi was close friends of the Kurdish people and their legitimate rights Mamanana, and today lost one of the most important political arena columns on the national level."