A source familiar with reality shows him the new salaries and allowances of civil servants

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Confirmed early Tuesday source, that the major Congress of the Republic and the ministers "parked" salaries since last August and the decision to cancel their positions "fully implemented", and among it was approved new salary scale "only", he stressed that he "did not approve" Reducing allocations some segments of staff Until now.

The source said in an interview to the Sumerian News, "The decision to cancel the positions of major and influential Congress of the Republic and the Minister fully implemented, unlike the rumors," stressing that "their salaries suspended since last August and pulled them office nor engage in any official status at all."

The source, who asked not to be named, that he "was approved him new salary only, which achieves greater equity among staff appointed by low-income people," stressing that "there is a threat to one of the contrary, it is deducted from the three upper grades ratio does not exceed 4% of the nominal salaries and more than three minimum salaries varying degrees by up to 21%."

The source, that "some of the staff sliced ​​allocations did not approve reduced so far and is still under discussion and deliberation were listening to specialists and concerned," adding that "it is important that the House of Representatives contributes to the political blocs and citizens in debate and dialogue to take responsibility in creating the current financial crisis solutions".

The source pointed out, that "it was the House of Representatives, ministers and presidencies to reduce the salaries, two months ago, and rates have been significantly fully implemented, has also been reducing protections officials already withdrawn a large number of protections officials and send them to the battlefront has done well in fighting Daash terrorist gangs", pointing out that "in addition to the economic reforms and stimulate the economy and create jobs by providing 5,000 billion dinars for housing loans, agriculture and industry, as well as 1000 billion dinars loans to help young people from the professional economic activity."

The source pointed out that "it was open many streets that were closed in Baghdad and the provinces, has also been open green area for the citizens, do not forget to cancel the prevention of nocturnal roaming after the imposed 12 years," adding that "the impressive military victories achieved by the reforms carried out by the Chairman Minister of the military and the fight against corruption and the assignment of the popular crowd, which led to the strengthening of the military institution and enable them to edit full Baiji refinery and vast areas around it as well as the proliferation in gray and edit large areas around it."

The Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced on Tuesday, that the blessings of the new decision did not include the salaries of state employees allocations, noting that a special decision exclusively to salaries.

And it called on the religious authority, in (October 23, 2015), to study the new salary ladder again by the owners of expertise and competence to ensure justice for all.

And confronted him to reject the new salary by many state employees who came out wide demonstrations in Baghdad and other provinces to demand its cancellation and considered "unfair".