Is Chalabi poisoned by continuing his threats to expose the corruption files ~
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Thread: Is Chalabi poisoned by continuing his threats to expose the corruption files ~

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    Is Chalabi poisoned by continuing his threats to expose the corruption files ~

    Is Chalabi poisoned by continuing his threats to expose the corruption files volatility and confounded Atiha?

    BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - November 3: independent political voiced, Izzat Shahbandar, Tuesday, astonishment of the death of the leader of the National Congress, Ahmad Chalabi, the morning of the day severe heart problem, "adding that he" was with him on Monday. "

    He said the former leader of the Dawa Party, "I was last night with Chalabi in a meeting we had the political file and had good health and not suffering from something", pointing out, "report the medical committee and the autopsy will come out after hours and know the real cause of his death."

    So observers questioned the Iraqi affair to announce the autopsy results Chalabi quickly as well as to be identical to the fact, Marjaheen "death Chalabi poisoned after threatening to reveal the major corruption files and confounded Atiha volatility as he put it."

    It is said that Chalabi known his fiery Facebook pages with denying her later in the impact of each media sensation occur because of the Maanscherh claiming it's Atmthelh pages personally and are either false or attributed to him.

    In late 2014 have vowed Congress party head Ahmed Chalabi, the former Prime Minister and former Vice President of the Republic, Nuri al-Maliki, detects corrupted files related to him and the persons around him, in front of the House of Representatives after obtaining the approval of the Presidency to ask.

    He noted a source close to Chalabi that "files relating to contracts armament deals and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces developed by al-Maliki in his second term and has been designated a 500 employees and a budget estimated at $ 500 million office in addition to the seizure of some real estate in most of the provinces that have become However, relatives of al-Maliki as well for large sums of unknown, which withdrew from public finances. "

    He also announced a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the mass of the citizen MP "Ahmed Chalabi" in September that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi decided Ammar al-Hakim exception and former prime minister, leader of the Dawa Islamic Nuri al-Maliki's party of the decision to withdraw regiments allocated to them protections describing Abadi, with the exception of al-Maliki's decision and Hakim of withdrawal Hamayatem regiments as "a big mistake Abadi endures."

    He said Chalabi on the official page in Facebook a few days ago, that "the secretary of Baghdad anniversary Alloush when I went to the secretariat of Baghdad do not know anything regarding relied on managers and employees of the Secretariat tips and he should apologize for the receipt of this position because they do not learn anything."

    He said Chalabi "Perhaps my question about the reasons for the Municipality of Baghdad pay for the amount of 7 billion and a quarter of a billion dinars to al-Asadi in compensation in 2013 do not know why were paid to Asadi due to rain and his company already lagging behind in the implementation of the military channel project."

    As mentioned in last September Aydaaly his page in the social networking site that "the first group of thieves Iraq, which was handed over its files to the Supreme Judicial Integrity Commission concerning Huda Bank, United Bank, North Bank, Middle East Bank and the Bank of Assyria," adding that "he has List on thieves of public money in Iraq includes 300 names. "

    Chalabi was born in 1945 to the family of an Arab Shiite rich working in the banking sector, and left Iraq in 1958 and lived most of his life after that in the Middle East and Britain, with the exception of the mid-nineties period when he sought to organize the "uprising" of northern Iraq.

    Chalabi and holds a doctoral degree in mathematics philosophical, his father was a minister of trade in the monarchy.
    Was Ahmad Chalabi, a member of the Governing Council in Iraq, which form in 2004 after the American occupation, which handed him the reins of power. Ended O.h
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