Allawi: If released Sultan Hashim will be achieved, inter alia,

Twilight News / new national coalition leader Iyad Allawi Tuesday call for the release of former Defense Minister Sultan Hashim.

He said in a statement: "On several occasions we launched repeated appeals for the release of former defense minister Sultan Hashim Ahmed, the last of which was in a joint meeting of the three presidencies four months ago, and we proceed in that of considerations, all in the incorporation of a new phase of national consensus leading to the strengthening of the national affiliation community and unity in Iraq and lead to a situation free of revenge and retribution."

He added that "This move enhances the role of the armed forces and its efforts to combat terrorism and Daash, and it's grounds humanitarian release of Hashim after long years of imprisonment and this will pour in attracting clan Folding Arabian horses in favor of the victory over Daash, except for the man with his hands had not been contaminated with the blood of Iraqis".