Office Abadi: the new salary scale does not include allocations for State employees

Saad Al-Hadithi said, spokesman for the Office of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to "Cabinet of Ministers decision of your new salary scale does not include allocations received by agents of the State".

Hadithi said in a press statement that "the amendment text explain the new salary scale special nominal salary exclusively".

Mention that, the Cabinet decided on 13 October, amending the salary supplement Act salaries of State officials and public sector no. 22/2008, uniting the State allocations and reduce disparities between them and apply in the first of the month of November.

This decision caused by protests from various segments of the staff they antagonized him by "unfair" in the Prime Minister's Office said Haider Al-Ibadi on a revision of the resolution, "in particular the allocation of university teachers by a Committee of Cabinet.

The House also decided to host Al-Abadi and Ministers concerned about this decision, which comforted the Prime Minister during his meeting with Professor universities to "lower oil prices and the country's entry in the war draining money from large budget, it did not reduce allocations within what we want to do but repeated declines in global oil prices has led to certain actions owing to the seriousness of the financial situation"