Abadi meet with parliamentary political body of the National Alliance and the Union of National Forces

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. hold the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, a joint meeting of the Political Commission of the National Alliance Parliamentary Union and the national forces in the presence of a number of ministers.

Ebadi said Office in a press statement received / Baghdadi News /, a copy of "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi today held a joint meeting of the Political Commission of the Parliamentary National Alliance and the Union of national forces in the presence of a number of ministers," noting that "During the meeting, they discussed developments in the political arena and the situation taking place in the country."

He added that "During the meeting, the blessing of victories achieved in the breakers operations and the importance of sustaining momentum and unity of word and the efforts to overcome the challenges that are going through the country on a political and security level, in addition to discussing economic and financial situation that Iraq is going through and the need to find solutions and treatments to him."

And between, "it was during the meeting also emphasized the importance of working between the executive and legislative branches integration and support this work and reforms in the interest of the Iraqi people, as well as discuss the issue of displaced persons and restore families to areas that have been edited and that is what happened in Salah al-Din after its liberation and the return of displaced people a model applied in all the liberated areas, and open Bzabz crossing for humanitarian cases and transportation of food.

He noted that "al-Abadi stressed his commitment to the government program and Conditions and Amadah reforms and the fight against the corrupt and which requires that unite the floor and the position of the conduct of Iraq to the right way and get away and discard everything that would contribute to derail what serves the citizen and bring his interests." It ended 21 / g