President: Chalabi's departure is a great loss not compensated

President Fouad Massoum said Tuesday that the departure of Ahmed Chalabi, head of the Parliament's Finance Committee and head of the Iraqi National Congress, a major loss not compensated.

According to a presidential Republic mourn sorry, Ahmed Abdel Hadi Chalabi, Member of the House of representatives and the President of the National Conference.
He said that "the deceased was pivotal role with Iraq's leaders in the fight against the dictatorship and working to undermine them and begin building a federal democratic Iraq free which has worked tirelessly and resolutely forward until the last moments of his life.
Chalabi said the loss of such a great loss not only offset by time said.
He said compassion late late's extensive, and our prayer to Almighty Allah that inspired his family and his fans and supporters and inspire patience and fortitude.
He died, head of the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi, Deputy Tuesday morning at his home in Baghdad's northern Kadhimiya city at age 70 of a heart attack.
Chalabi is known in prominent politicians fight Saddam Hussein's regime, it was businessman father Abdel Hadi Chalabi served as Trade Minister in the Covenant.
Chalabi was filled after the 2003 membership of the Governing Council in Iraq which was formed in 2004, and handed him the reins, the third personal chaired the Council.
Chalabi also served in the current parliamentary session served as Chairman of the Finance Committee