Ayad Samurai: there is no alternative to the democratic and political process recriminations do not build State

Iraq/Baghdad, Secretary-General of the Iraqi Islamic party, Ayad Al-Sammaraie, it-"no alternative to the democratic political process, and both non-seeking, but works to subvert Iraq", either from errors within the political process, it was deemed a samurai was "improbable, and vary in responsibility, by role and location areas of each party involved therein", on the subject of responsibilities also, read: "among the Samurai, some who did not participate in the political process, bears some responsibility, and contributed to ruining parts of them, through Chaos in the air and supporting terrorism and weaken confidence in the political process, inciting sectarian hatred and other ", a world in which the jostling accusations wills,

Samurai commented:" the accusations do not build State, and assessment must be in accordance with the circumstances and the current stage, so don't make the mistake of generalizing ", and the fallout from resorting to the judgments of the accusations:" that judgments and accusations, is surprising, and possesses the information, it only makes it way lltskit, but, until the Our people hold at fault ", regarding the ongoing political process, had this view:" all of the political process, the viewer stop opposing out of process, but cooperation from the inside ", in respect of the preceding paragraph:" we are open to all parties, but terrorist entities, we we interrupt her and? Sit down with them, and refuse to deal with it ", and the reforms that concern the serfs:" the reforms made to date remains the only inter austerity measures, have not seen a clear and real economic plan, salary and big noise raised around recently ", calls the Samurai then" Prime Minister to convert to reform personal project to Iraqi national plan, everyone complies, and is what we want, because we are afraid of the national injury and its effects on the future of Iraq and of our people. "