The Parliament vote on the separation of powers in the implementation of reforms and raise its next week

Lift House its Friday to Tuesday of next week. His statement said each agency in Iraq, that "deputies voted in yesterday's meeting chaired by Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council in the presence of 252 deputies, the resolution reaffirms its full support for the parliamentary and governmental reforms packages and on completion in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the laws as well as to discuss the crisis of displaced and brine in Basra and peasant dues." And the President Al-jubouri that the House considered a resolution that includes an emphasis on maintaining full powers without authorization for anyone, whether judicial or Executive after the discourse about the powers of the House of representatives whether complete or incomplete. After the House voted on a resolution affirming its full support for the parliamentary and governmental reforms packages and on completion in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the laws in force, within the prescribed time, denying the timings for the Council to delegate any legislative powers to any of the other authorities. The President of Parliament Saleem Al-jubouri from the Council's keenness on continuing the presence of representatives of the religious components of House sessions expressed regret at the boycott to protest the law national card, announcing the referral request deputies boycotters minority representatives with amendments to the law to the Committee urging them to return on endowments boycott, calling on Religious Affairs Committee to hold a hearing with representatives of religious minorities for the purpose of access to the results and present them to the Council. The Council discussed the recommendations of committees The deportees and displaced persons, health and environment and services, reconstruction and human rights on the subject. Commissions concerned a report containing held meetings at the direction of the Presidency to diagnose weaknesses regarding the crisis of displaced people caused by floods which occurred in Baghdad and other provinces, indicating the failure of governmental institutions in carrying out its duties, causing increasing suffering of the displaced. Proposed committees find new places to house the displaced and relocated to buildings uninhabitable and mobilize all potential service and the Ministry of finance benefits displaced and intensify the efforts of the Ministry of health and its institutions as well as prompting the Prime Minister to take care of the displaced file and hold defaulting on this side and shoulder their responsibilities in Baghdad to compensate flood-affected citizens. In the lower House mp Haider suggested interventions the heart involving the integrity Commission under the relevant committees to follow the flood crisis suspicions corruption and mismanagement in projects and sewage plants and draw water in several areas of Baghdad. Placeholder only invited Talabani to allocate sufficient funds in the budget to build caravans to IDPs from the camps. Mp Salah Al-Juburi and that report of committees not event level especially the actuators behave the way the reaction. Raad invited Danielle to host the Prime Minister and Ministers in the House of representatives to discuss the conditions of displaced people after the crisis. Stressed Attorney Mohammed Naji, the importance of serious action by the Government to withdraw the rainwater from several areas in Baghdad that were a real disaster. The Deputy Minister explained that the recommendations do not include abaiji Sunrise quick solutions to the problem, calling on the experts to submit their plans for developing services. Mp Hanan Fatlawi showed the need for an urgent meeting to host the President of the CouncilImmigration Minister and Ms. Amina Baghdad Governor Baghdad to discuss the situation of IDPs from floods and from the occupied provinces. The Deputy Minister noted the importance of Vian dakheel effective and urgent steps, including forming an investigative Committee to hold the defaulting. In turn, the Deputy Minister indicated that the Government rezan Jimmy is unable to provide necessary assistance to those affected, pointing to deficiencies in the situation of displaced persons. Mp Mohammed called sire to develop radical solutions and not merely accounting only to avoid aggravating the crisis, calling for a special meeting on displaced persons and flood. The Deputy DG demanded a decision from the House of obliging the Government to address the problem, متساءله the fate of funds for emergencies. Mp Ammar criticized tastes not ready to service departments deal with the effects of rain to proactively mitigate the suffering of the people. For his part, called ' Awad Al-Awadi to contribute by politicians and open for contributions to address the suffering of the displaced people in Baghdad who are staying in camps where living conditions are good. The Deputy Minister confirmed the morning Tamimi problems in sewage plants and water withdrawal requires an effective and real processors with financial allocations for implementation of projects. The head of the House of Salim al-Jabouri, an emergency meeting Tuesday, Ministers of defence and of the Interior, migration and displacement and housing and municipal electricity and water resources, industry and municipality of Baghdad with the relevant parliamentary committees to discuss the status of displaced persons and compel the ministries concerned with the duties of the current crisis or any future crisis, noting that if the recommendations of the Council will be called to an emergency meeting for the purpose ofVote on recommendations. And the Committee on agriculture, water and Marsh in charge of the Presidency of the Council to follow up the treatment of brine, for Basra to host Mr. Minister of water resources and in the presence of Deputies for maintenance. The Committee recommended the formation of a Committee comprising resources and housing, municipalities, foreign financial allocation for desalting and the Governor of Maysan to investigate about the lack of commitment of individual site Qal'at Salih to launch the customizations of Basra and activate the judicial side against violators with the importance of pressure on Turkey and Iran to launch share Iraq. Recommendations included the need for the Government to send the draft law of the National Council of water to the House in addition to the formation of a crisis cell headed by the Prime Minister and membership of a number of Ministers concerned to draw a roadmap for addressing the crisis and limit the abuses taking place on rivers, as well as to the formation of a parliamentary delegation from the foreign relations and Agriculture Committees to visit Turkey and Syria and Iran to explain the serious implications of this issue. After the Council voted unanimously for the recommendations of the Committee on agriculture, water and Marsh on the treatment of salt water in Basra to provide wording. And on the follow-up to the implementation of decisions regarding benefits peasants, The President drew attention to the existence of an earlier resolution Jabouri of the deputies on the Government compelling the payment of dues, calling on Parliament and the competent committees to ministries and reveal the reasons for the reluctance of peasant dues and inform the Board. The Attorney said Muthana Al-Tamimi, Chairman of the Committee on agriculture the existence of funds worth 2 trillion dinars so far has not been paid to eligible farmers with financial benefits are paid to farmers to payments paid on marketed crops wheat, barley.