Parliament calls Abadi officially to discuss five important files

02/11/2015 09:58 PM

Parliamentary sources revealed the Presidency of Parliament send a letter to the Council of Ministers to ensure its demand to set a date for hosting the boss after Haider al-Abadi apologized for attendance twice.

Parliamentarians and confirms that the House of Representatives will put in front of al-Abadi 5 urgent files, expecting to meet the Prime Minister call next week, despite their recognition of the latter concern the security file.

And it defends close to deputies of the Abadi for his performance, stressing that he continues to implement reforms by reducing the protections of officials and reducing their salaries. Expressing their resentment of Prime Minister load "full responsibility for everything."

The prime minister apologized twice to attend a parliamentary session to host, so exciting wave of widespread criticism.

He attributed this Congress, then, to the tension that marred relationship Abadi Paljbure against the backdrop of criticism from the first to the second of his participation in the conference hosted by Qatar and attended by representatives of the Baath Party and some armed groups.

The parliamentary parties criticized the slow pace of reforms and the uniqueness of the Prime Minister in their implementation, particularly appointments to figures given by the unsettled some political blocs.

MP says Razak al-Haidari, a member of the Badr parliamentary bloc, said that "there is a desire to host the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for discussion in the implementation of reforms, and the security situation, and the draft federal budget law for next year and the new salary ladder."

And reveals al-Haidari, for "View of the Presidium of the House of Representatives a request to the Prime Minister demanding the host Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," expected to "Full Council of Ministers in the presence of al-Abadi in the next few days."

Niazi said that the architecture Ihsanoglu, decision of the House of Representatives, said that "the main points to be discussed with the head of government is the floods that occurred after the big storm wave that hit Iraq."

Ihsanoglu said: "We want the Prime Minister's decision to send him the new salary for consideration by the Finance Committee in order to alleviate the suffering of those affected him," adding that "hosting a date has not been determined to date because of the preoccupation with the prime minister the security file."

It is expected the House of Representatives decision "to determine hosting a meeting of the Prime Minister during the next week," returned "the coming of the Abadi to Parliament, at this time, will solve a lot of things and obstacles and show a lot of questions that face security and economic file and reforms."

The attention of the Turkmen deputy that "the subject of withdrawal of a parliamentary mandate would be discussed with al-Abadi in hosting the session but we will bring the issue of the application of government reforms."

In the same context, MP Ali Keywords to say "the Prime Minister wants to come to the House of Representatives to explain all the implications and problems in order to remove uncertainty about the economic issues and reforms."

And about the fate of reforms, Keywords says, "there are issues that need a lot of time and specifically with regard to the files of corruption and integrity and the elimination addition to the issue of the distribution of positions along sectarian lines."

MP confirms a close associate of al-Abadi said that "the subject of reducing the protections of officials was introduced last September," adding that "the House Speaker's office engaged in dialogues with a lot of officials who have been reduced Hamayatem to agree on the numbers that will stay with them." He noted "the existence of trading among the members of the House of Representatives and the government regarding reduce Hamayatem".

Keywords and asserts that "these protections that have been withdrawn by the head of the government, within the reform process, which was launched, and provided thousands of fighters who are involved in fighting in Anbar and Salahuddin."