Abadi confirms the delegation of constitutional reforms and reduce the specific provisions ladder salaries powers

2015/11/2 23:58

the delegation of the Federation of Iraqi forces by detecting met Monday evening, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the prime minister emphasized the constitutional reforms.

He said the delegation member Yahya al-Issawi told all of Iraq [where], that "al-Abadi said during the meeting with him that it would not affect much new salary scale [controversial], but will be on the allocation granted to people which is more than due to them and this will be examined again and decide it and try to reduced slightly.

"He said al-Issawi, said that" al-Abadi did not limp strongly to withdraw the mandate with him and stressed that all measures taken in this regard that are unconstitutional and that he did not touch the ministries where the law.

"He pointed out that" the delegation, which included Ahmed electrodes and Shaalan Karim Yahya al-Issawi and Khaled Mafraji and Salah al-Jubouri discussed with the Prime Minister the issue of displaced persons and the return of displaced persons to the liberated areas and file of prisoners and their release and the large number of arrests.

"He was also" the reforms file and the balance of the institutions of the military and the civil state, which we told him to discuss it did not materialize.

"Issawi said" the agreement on the formation of committee to follow up these files and to develop solutions to them, "pointing out that" most of the issues related to the relief of displaced Prime Minister has complained of lack of financial resources to this aspect and in spite of the presence of international aid but a few.

"The House of Representatives on a resolution confirming its full support for the beams parliamentary and governmental reforms and passion on their achievement in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and laws in force within the time timings specified, denying that the Board delegate any legislative powers to any of the other authorities.

The Council of Ministers decided on 13 October last, modify the salary scale Annex law salaries of state employees and the public sector No. 22 for the year 2008, and the unification of allocations charged by state officials all and reduce disparities between them and applied in the first of the month of November.

The cause of this resolution the exit of demonstrations of various staff sliced ​​Adin him as "unfair" as announced Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for a review of the decision. " and especially the University Lecturers allocations by an ad hoc committee in the Council of Ministers.

The House of Representatives decided to host-Abbadi and ministers concerned about this decision, which he attributed the Prime Minister during a meeting by Professor universities to "lower oil prices dramatically and enter the country in a war that drains big money from the budget, and he did not not reduce allocations within what we want to do, but the repeated declines in global oil prices led to some of the measures because of the seriousness of the financial situation, ".anthy