Parliamentary Economy: Cooperation public and private sectors will revive the Iraqi economy

2015/11/2 17:01

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} stressed to the Committee on Energy and investment parliamentary member olive Hussein, the need for cooperation of the public and private sectors for the advancement of the Iraqi economy.

Said Hussein told {Euphrates News}, that "the government support the private sector and supplement the free-market local goods, to encourage local product."

She said a member of the Committee of Economy, said that "the opening of the Baghdad International Fair despite the security conditions and economic crisis, evidence of the existence of the private sector by displaying its products at the exhibition booths.

"The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, had confirmed on his quest to remove the obstacles in front of the private sector and its partnership with the public, noting that" the government has committed itself to the Platform of the private sector and partnership between the private and public and pay in this direction to remove all obstacles and red tape that hampers activity Economic. ended