Legal expert opinion to allow the Prime Minister to additional powers for National Alliance (Decade): Abadi bypass Parliament the new salary scale

The House voted unanimously to prevent the judiciary from the Executive and legislative branch powers override excluding service providers and parliamentary services Committee of bank holidays, legal expert revealed that separation of powers is another mandate for Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to oppose it openly and secretly supported.

He said the National Alliance mp Habib TS (time) on (Al-Abbadi was not given carte blanche but was partial and conditional on a return to Parliament, but he raised the furor when a legislative decision on the validity of the House and no longer a mechanism for discussion and is the new salary scales and staff allocations cut so this decision is ultra vires the authority of Parliament and in response the Council voted today overwhelming that disregarding it is strictly forbidden to enjoy the legislative powers of the judiciary and the Executive and this is To his Parliament and powers entrusted by laws and decrees).

He said (all political blocs with reforms and will continue to be supported in accordance with the powers of the three branches individually and in total privacy and did not address Parliament to withdraw accreditation from the sandbox, even Abadi refer to house). He said the Terminal (fixes if you do not specify time limits would be boring and supposed Government and legislative bodies should agree to put the items determines the time and quality and how reforms.

It noted that the (issue of undo Vice Presidents and Ministers should follow the Constitution which the powers granted the right not Abbadi dismiss these posts we showed flexibility because of economic reasons and still subject, however, the Federal Court to consider this topic.) and the Council (besides discussed separation The three powers issue flood displaced the emergency committees of service providers for the purpose of mobilizing energies to tackle the crisis ongoing service and exclude public holidays until the end of the ongoing flood crisis and potential).

mp said the UFDD Nora Salem (Time) on (Parliament decided the principle of item II of article 59 of the Constitution prohibits the legislature from other powers constitutional powers and alanath of all authorities to abide by its terms and not on others after using some sinner Abadi powers delegated by the Board of recent financial decisions that sparked a major outcry). He said the Kurdistan Alliance mp Ahmed Al-Hamma (time) on (package and will not be affected by the separation of the three powers and we support them strongly not overridden on legislative power).

the legal expert said Tariq Harb (time) on (the House of representatives was increased to delegate Abadi as the Council declared its support for reform measures and this in itself is a new mandate that supported Al-Abadi and select the predefined powers of the Parliament and a door to madness because Al-Abadi did not exceed the powers of the The legislature did not issue rulings or legislative acts and judicial decisions and therefore the position of the sound it emits Abadi commands bureaucracy only constitutional powers for this output support is another mandate from Parliament).

He (if Parliament wants to withdraw the authorization already issued clear decision prevents the name Haidar Abadi take reforms and discredit him but the matter took the form of hypocrisy became closer to form truth where Parliament endorses Abadi in secret and openly opposed and abstract to what Parliament today does not override credentials and no repairs, no withdrawal of the decision to abolish the Republic Presidency and ministerial positions abolitionist).

The adviser said the President repeatedly punched to Gordon Brown that no faith crystallized the decision of withdrawal of confidence from Abadi but to withdraw authorization. Gordon Brown confirmed in a statement Monday that (time) (no faith crystallized the decision of withdrawal of confidence from Abadi but there are objections to the reform mechanism implemented by Abbadi and others waved to withdraw accreditation from Abadi if not consulted blocks participation in Government).

The Federal Supreme Court has denied any decision regarding Vice-Presidents.
He said Judiciary spokesman Abdul Sattar bayrakdar told Today (no court decision on the Deputy President was Al-Abbadi has apologized for attending the House session today for emergency reasons, minutes after arriving at the Parliament building and lifted the Presidency of Parliament to the House of representatives on Tuesday of next week, the source said the Parliament discussed the recommendations of the tourism and Antiquities Ministry merged with the Ministry of culture and to follow up the implementation of the decisions of the peasants ' dues.