Kirkuk has been achieved with the 33 escapees from daash fearing infiltrators

Kirkuk police said Monday that a joint security force detained more than 30 people who fled areas dominated organization daash, South of Kirkuk, said detainees are interrogated to make sure that they are not wanted.

The source said, speaking to the (extent), the joint security force of police districts and sub-districts and intelligence in Kirkuk governorate, (33), near the area of Taza (25 km south of Kirkuk), "adding that" the detainees who fled territory controlled by organizing daash village border, South of sharqat ".
Added the source, who requested anonymity, said that "among those detained associates in addition to the army, police and other civilians", pointing out that "force are investigated to make sure there are no wanted them".

In another context, a security source said in Kirkuk province, the joint security units arrested the traders enter into maintenance versus money, Eastern province.
He said in an interview with the source (range) that "joint security detachment of checkpoints and intelligence unit Directorate of checkpoints in Kirkuk province, police arrested a trader enters into the province in Exchange for money".
The source said on condition of anonymity, said "the arrest was in accordance with precise intelligence unit's Eastern neighborhood conservation".
Recall that the Kirkuk governorate includes more than 650 thousand displaced people and subject areas south and West of the province to regulate daash since June last year.