National Alliance urges to take into account those with limited income ladder salaries and develop solutions to cope with flooding rains

The leadership of the National Alliance in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi urged to follow up on the economic crisis and taking into account the staff and with the limited income and average salaries in the new salary ladder. He said a coalition statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of "head of the Iraqi National Alliance and Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari chaired a meeting periodically leadership of the National Alliance for the body in the presence of Abadi and deliberated the leadership during the latest political developments meeting in Iraq and throughout the region, in addition to the study of economic conditions , finance, and solutions, and processors to support the state budget, and face the problems arising from the decline in oil prices, and discussed the security developments, large and victories achieved by our security forces, and the heroes of the popular crowd, and clans, and the Peshmerga.
At the level of the financial crisis put assembled a number of proposals, and processors to strengthen the financial infrastructure, and the face of the crisis, urged the participants to work hard to follow the current economic crisis, and taking into account the employees' salaries, and low-income people, and the Mediterranean in determining the salary scale, as well as academics, and owners of higher education, and the elites, and the importance of finding sources of funding for the budget through the development of agriculture , industry, tourism, and investment; to lift the financial crisis, and not rely on oil only.
At the political level, accept it gathered the Vienna conference, which was held to discuss the Syrian issue and jointly as Iraq, and declared his position supporting a political solution takes into account the will of the Syrian people, and to invite the relevant countries all for cooperation, and mutual understanding; to reach an urgent solution spare the region the extensive damage resulting from the continuation of the crisis in Syria, and the solution includes re-displaced Syrians, and the reconstruction of areas affected by the conflict, pointing out that Iraq will be the big winner of achieving security and stability, and political in Syria.
The Alliance National on the need to continue the dialogue with the countries of the region; to establish balanced relations with them within the Iraqi national constants, and the interests of everyone.
The new National Alliance, his support for the government of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, and reforms made ​​by within the framework of the constitution, and called to stand by in the face of terrorism, and dealing with crises, and to continue the reforms with care the role of partners in the rationalization, development, and solidarity to make it a success.
At the level of services of the leadership of the National Alliance called according to the statement to the mobilization of the state apparatus all to alleviate the suffering of the citizens who suffer from poor services, and floods due to Seoul's rain, and the need to setting process, and the expertise of the developed countries to contribute to reducing the tragedies that Iraqis lived for years Adh.anthy Solutions.