Government emergency committee to prepare a report for authorities Abadi Shortened rains in crisis

Brother - Baghdad - Emergency government committee announced Sunday, it was preparing a report to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for those in crisis Shortened rain.

The head of the Committee and Minister of Construction and municipalities Tariq Kikhany at a news conference attended by the correspondent for News Agency (et) that "the Baghdad province is divided into four themes each Ministry of the joint ministerial committee to work on the drainage where," noting that "areas, which sank that was divided into themes, especially east of the canal, which is divided into several axes, each of which areas will be delivered to the Ministry or two ministries together in partnership with the Municipality of Baghdad."

"The rain water crisis does not end in overnight, and that the Commission has drawn up plans to cope with the wave of the next rain, where it will be rain water draining through the fallopian army and police will be developing a number of eyedroppers and Aldezlat to reduce the rain water."

Kikhany He pointed out that "both of the themes that has been divided will be the responsibility of the ministry responsible for it," noting that "the Commission will submit a report to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi all parties in the conduct of rain shortened the process."

Asked Amina Baghdad anniversary Alloush from areas that have taken place on the Secretariat, replied that "dotted municipalities and its neighboring areas were the share of the Secretariat in cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources," indicating that "al-Sadr areas first and the second was to instruct the Baghdad province to receive the assistance of the Ministry of Defence".

She Alloush that "the reasons that led to the sinking of Baghdad is twice the design capacity of the streams where the amount of rainfall during 48 hours straight and got to 85 mm," adding that "this amount does not design capacity of the sewage Baghdad because borne designed by the usual rain cases and no abnormal ones. "

She said the "weakness of the infrastructure of the capital Baghdad also contributed to its sinking," indicating that "the Municipality of Baghdad are by the prosthesis to face a wave of rain," adding that "Khansa pipeline project may be about to end and it will help in saving the east of the canal areas of any cases of rooms."

In her question about sacked by the Baghdad Provincial Council, he replied that "the Council is not authorized to Baghdad, where he Bacalta Balacalh to recommend to the Council of Ministers."