Haider al-Abadi back der !!

Last updated: 02.11.2015 | 16:51 GMT |

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But the majority; they are betting on the popular discontent in pushing the prime minister to fulfill his promises; the street from the premise that arrived to the explosion limit and will not back down on demands for reform.

Many people did not expect, including those who had regularly come out in demonstrations in Tahrir Square to combine, that Abadi abandon the Dawa Party and wielding sword Zulfikar generally Hatanh. The most optimistic thought that the three-cancellation Vice-Presidents of the Republic; in charge of the state treasury, will open the way for the campaign to sag in a dilapidated Iraqi state.

It was not on and so is the Abadi statement to dismiss the House of Representatives, however, and underestimated the Vice President, the leader of the Dawa Party, Nouri al-Maliki of Tehran, the statement. The other was described as MP Ayad Allawi position as a "northeastern individual shoe!" And issued by the Office of the Attorney Osama Najafi data "welcomes" reforms and "cautions" in violation of the Constitution!

Such as chorus and raise their hands lawmakers welcomed and accepted reforms.

Formality demonstrators fly him to their knowledge that acceptance quickly hides the downside risks for reform, and that it said "OK", however, was planning to blow with the other hand to calm down after a storm of protests.

This is exactly what happened. Over the past months, the Iraqis did not get disgruntled against the deterioration of the pension conditions, and choking free, drowning rain exception of the requirement on any new laws have been described as unfair, such as the law of the salary scale.

Parliament in March and dodge open support by talking about reforms at the same time protect the spoilers down to issue a decision prevents Abadi of issue decrees described the general public as a reformist.

In such a jiffy, the hopes of Iraqis disappeared in the fight against corruption and improve their pension Parliament has told Ebadi: Turn back!

The war on Daash what still ranged between victories spaced Walker provided, and the US does not trust the promises of fighting terrorism, and in the soul raises concerns that Uncle Sam bomb in a vacuum and that in secret suggests "the State" forward Secret !.