[IMG]Parliamentary Integrity rejects the new salary scale[/IMG]

Parliamentary Integrity rejects the new salary scale

16:11 02/11/2015

It announced that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, on Monday, rejected the new salary ladder, saying it would lead to damage staff.

Committee Chairman MP Talal Zobaie at a news conference at the parliament building, said that "his committee supports the popular demonstrations denouncing him new salary and in all ministries because it leads to damage the staff and especially the middle of them grades."

Zobaie said that "the adoption of the employee to remuneration than on the nominal salary and especially the lower rungs of university graduates," asserting that "the fight against the corrupt who stole public money and retrieve the people's money is a real cure existing economic and monetary crisis."

He explained that "the Integrity Commission, grabbing the hands of the staff who are affected by the decision of the pay scale," and urged the government to "redress and calculating salaries scientific formula takes into account the circumstances of the staff and the state of the market."