Elite Kurdistan begins with a round of negotiations "space" with Baghdad!

Iraq today/Abdul Karim Hashmi seems that Kurdistan Alliance, hakaaeba for some members to travel to Baghdad to resolve problems outstanding between oil Baghdad and Erbil, was officially announced, Kurdish leader and mp in the previous Parliament, where the point: "the arrival of a delegation from Kurdistan to Baghdad to resolve outstanding problems concerning the budget and oil ", perhaps to highlight Osman, seriously in reaching solutions with Baghdad, speaking to the newspaper disclosed the name of a head of delegation and other members of the delegation

"The delegation will include Chairman of the territorial Government-nechirvan Barzani, and several Ministers, will discuss a number of important issues, notably the issue of oil and exports, the share of the territory's budget, plus the war daash, the political situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan region in particular", and problems between the Kurdish parties in Kurdistan Osman, commented: " The best solution to the problems between the Kurdish parties, is direct dialogue between them, seriously and openly, taking into consideration the fight daash which must be above any consideration "and did not spare Osman, known for his outspokenness, both Washington and Tehran, shares a huge influence on the decisions of the political players in the territory, they could resolve problems between the parties:" that could interfere with America or Iran to resolve the conflict and problems, because these two countries have common interests with the region, and wished the continuation of stability It ".