72 deputies sign Basra to give full financial dues from previous years
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Thread: 72 deputies sign Basra to give full financial dues from previous years

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    72 deputies sign Basra to give full financial dues from previous years

    72 deputies sign Basra to give full financial dues from previous years

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    - MP for Basra behind Abdul Samad Monday, that 72 deputies from different blocks have signed a petition containing demands to give the province the full fiscal dues from previous years, and ensure that they receive a fair share of the budget, and the allocation of the border crossing points have revenue, and waved to resort to export to maintain oil and keep Baaradath her in the event of non-response.

    Said Abdul Samad, who took it upon himself to edit the petition and collect signatures of supporters of the House of Representatives to Amadunha in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The 72 deputies from different political blocs signed the request was submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives with sending copies of it to the prime minister and the ministers of oil and finance, we have demanded fairly Basra and awarded her financial rights as suffering from poverty and the deterioration of services in spite of the fact that the state treasury depends on its revenues by 90%, "adding that" the government gave to the government of the Kurdistan region amounts more than maturity, while Basra did not get the minimum of financial dues".

    Abdul Samad and pointed out that "the signatories of the House of Representatives demanded that be to Basra guaranteed share within the budget law is calculated in accordance with the rates to be agreed upon, as well as payments to the province owed by the government since 2010, that is determined by a time limit to pay off those debts, in addition to giving the province its share Revenue from the border crossing points, according to provincial law No. 21 of 2008 amended, and the remainder of the revenue is also allocated to the province."

    The Chairman of the call bloc in the House of Representatives that "the application contains a paragraph stresses the need for labor in foreign and national companies operating in Basra are exclusively from the province," adding that "in the event of failure to respond to our demands, we will be forced to export the Basra oil locally while retaining all the revenues of the province, in order to meet until all amounts owed by the government."

    The petition included the reluctance of some MPs on the paragraph relating to the export of Basra oil without returning to the central government in the event of failure to respond to the demands, as noted the absence of the petition signing any deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance.


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