Shawki reveals an amendment to the law of provincial councils may reduce by half Members

Direction Press / Agencies - Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed that the cabinet is being adjusted to the provincial law stating that the new law could lead to reduce the number of members of the provincial councils in half.

The committee member said Salim Shawki in a press statement that some deputies demanded to reduce the number of lawmakers by half in the coming sessions, however, that this issue may be implemented after a constitutional amendment to Article 49 (I), which stipulated that every one hundred thousand be representative of them in parliament.

However, he noted that if the politicians agreed to reduce by half the House of Representatives, they should make the requirement in that article that each two hundred thousand have their representative in parliament, according to the demands of some of the demonstrators in Iraq, who demanded earlier by reducing by half the number of members in the House and the provinces.

Shawki And that the committee is considering several options to break out as a law for the election of future sessions and special provincial assemblies and the Parliament explaining that the previous law did not make clear who has the right to choose an alternative to the deputies who are dismissed or holds them ministerial positions and this is causing overwhelm the work of the parliament and the Legal Committee after many objections came to the Council, where the law did not point out that the alternative to the deputy, who is said or assume another position by highest number of votes or of choosing the head of the block.

The member of the Legal Committee that there are proposals to reduce the age of the candidate for 25 years instead of 30 to give a greater chance of a young man with some students from the House of Representatives that the candidate possesses a diploma or bachelor's degree or above, rather than certification prep noting that those things are considered proposals may change in the light of discussions the members of Parliament.