Legal adviser's / scales News /: eliminates the parliament's decision not to ratify the paper Abadi reforms

Special - scales News - Confirmed legal adviser Ahmed al-Abadi, on Monday, that the House did not give a mandate to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, but the voice of the paper reforms provided by the Council of Ministers and by virtue of which became binding on all authorities and enforceable law.

Ebadi said L / scales News /, "The House of Representatives passed a decision, today, did not cancel its decision to ratify the paper reforms, but his decision was banished to the most common" mistake "for the House of Representatives delegate his powers to the Government or to any executive or judicial".

The Legal Counsel added that "the decision is a confirmation of the uncertain and not just cancel the approval of the paper reforms".
Referred to as "The House of Representatives voted on Monday, the decision prevents the executive and the judiciary from the use of his powers" .anthy 29/9 P