Parliament puts 5 files before Abbadi and asking him to set a date for hosting

Rselt the Presidency of Parliament addressed to the Cabinet ensures that its demand for a date for hosting President Haidar Abadi after apologizes to attend twice.

Parliament stresses that the House would put before Abbadi 5 files, expecting to meet the Prime Minister and call next week, while acknowledging the recent security concern.
Pro-Government deputies defended Al-Abbadi for his performance, saying that it continued to implement reforms through reducing protections for officials and reducing their salaries. Expressing resentment download Prime "full responsibility for everything".
The Prime Minister apologised twice on a host, so excited a wave of widespread criticism even among members of the National Alliance, which belongs to him. He attributed the Parliament, then to the tensions that marred relationship Abadi balgbori on the background of the criticisms I-II for participating in a conference hosted by Qatar and attended by representatives of the Baath party and some armed groups.

Parliamentary parties criticized the slow pace of reforms and the uniqueness of the Prime Minister in its implementation, especially those awarded to personalities raised alarm some political blocs.
Attorney says Razak Al-Haidari, a member of the parliamentary block of Badr, that "there is a desire to have a House to host Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi for discussion on the implementation of reforms, and the security situation, the federal budget bill for next year and the new salary scale".
Gordon reveals, in a statement to (term), "send the Presidium of the Chamber of Deputies a request to the Cabinet calling on it to host Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi", predicting that "the Cabinet is provided by attending Al-Abbadi over the next few days".
Said Niyazi oglu architecture, the House, the decision "of the salient points that will be discussed with the head of Government is the flooding that occurred after the big rains hit prompt Iraq".
He said Ihsanoglu (range) that "we want the Prime Minister to send the new salary scale resolution for consideration by the Finance Committee in order to alleviate the suffering of affected", adding that "the date of hosting is not selected until now because of the concern of the head of Government in the security file".
The House decision is expected "a premier hosting next week", adding that "the advent of Abbadi to Parliament, at this time, a lot of things and obstacles and many questions facing the security and economic reforms".
The Turkmen Prosecutor calls that "the subject of withdrawal of the parliamentary mandate will be discussed with Al-Abbadi on hosting session but we will raise the issue of the application of government reforms".

In the same context, the Prosecutor says that "the Prime Minister wants to come to the House to explain all the implications and the problems with the aim of removing uncertainty about economic issues and reforms".
And on the fate of reforms, says the relationship (term), "there are issues that need a lot of time and specifically as regards corruption and integrity of the judiciary as well as to the issue of the distribution of posts on sectarian".
Attorney confirms a close associate of Al-Abadi said that "the topic of reducing protections introduced officials from last September", noting that "the Office of the President of the Chamber of Deputies engaged in conversations with many officials who have been reducing their protections to agree on setting that will stay with them". He noted "the existence of trading between the deputies and the Government as regards reducing their protections".
And stresses that "these protections that have been checked out by the head of Government, within correctional operations started, provided thousands of fighters who are involved in fighting in Anbar and Salahuddin".
For his part, Abbas Al-Bayati, Vice-President reaffirms member of State of law Coalition, "Abbadi was ready to come to Parliament for discussion about flooding and displaced persons".
In the opinion of Al-Bayati, said in an interview with the (term), that "necessary accountability of Ministers concerned about issues of displaced persons and flood both Baghdad and municipal planning", expressing his displeasure at Prime loaded "full responsibility for everything".
Member State law affirms that "the parliamentary committees concerned with displaced persons and services reporting to Parliament and then discussed with the Ministers concerned and the competent authorities", and added "and if necessary the presence of the Prime Minister, he would attend".
And on the reduction of the salaries of officials, Al-Bayati said that "the salaries of members of the House of representatives slashed to 50% adoption blessings salaries for members of the House simulates handed Iraqi State employees ' salaries".
And adds by saying "we are with the injustice of the lower echelons in the new salary scale, but cut the salaries of other grades must be subject for study by specialists".