Abdul-Mahdi Al-Zubaidi and chairing the first joint meeting between the ministries of oil and transport

Follow-up/Iraq today held in the training center in Baghdad, the first joint meeting between the ministries of transport and oil in the presence of Baqir al-Zubaidi and Adel Abdul Mehdi, the Deputy Minister and the Inspector General of the transportation Ministry and a number of Directors and specialists of ministries.

It was during the meeting discussed agenda containing the subject holding the Administration and operation of the Khor Al-Zubair berths (2, 3 and 4) by the oil Ministry to import petroleum products, Al-Zubaidi affirmed "that these meetings to consolidate relations and unite visions between departments where we had the same experience with the ministries of trade and industry and positively solve all dilemmas at work, and to work with the Ministry of oil has a privacy major rehabilitation of pavements for petroleum products, in addition to transfer employment of Asian, especially Chinese Iraqi Airways company which will provide at least 140 million dollars a year ".

This is in addition to the profit of Iraqi Airways and it was agreed to study the subject in earnest to direct, has also been discussing and settling basin cleanup sidewalks Khor Al Zubair (9, 10, 11) and qualified to work on the supply of petroleum products to the Ministry of oil, then discussed the Iraqi Airways planes equipped with jet fuel and support, by the oil Ministry and the competent ministries presented a clear vision on the subject of training in Iraqi ports for port management Seamlessly add support staff of technicians and engineers in the drawers and port management.
They also discussed further cooperation between the two ministries by opening a gas station in Baghdad airport for the Ministry of oil to contribute aircraft and special wheels.

Then it was the completion of the discussion of the remaining paragraphs of the agenda of the meeting, it was agreed to hold further meetings to further cooperation between the two ministries, notably the support project of the Ministry of oil to run the Department of transportation vehicles to dual fuel gas system and albanzin to reduce the import of petroleum products in addition to the positive returns of the gas system in vehicles and ready the Ministry of oil to gas stations supplying residential complexes planned by the Ministry of transport.