Faili: more than 400 000 internally displaced persons return to their areas

Shafaq News / The Iraqi ambassador to the United States , Luqman al-Faili announced on Sunday, the return of more than 400 000 internally displaced persons

to their areas liberated from the control of ISIS terrorist organization .

Faili said that since mid-June until today , 660 402 internally displaced people who have left their homes due to armed confrontations have returned to their home areas.

He added that about 24 percent of the displaced people of Kirkuk have returned to their areas, who are about 97 000 people as the bulk of them settled in their areas in Salahuddin province.

He added 54 percent of displaced returnees went to Salahuddin province as 39 percent of them returned to the center of Tikrit province.

The invasion of ISIS terrorist organization to a number of Iraqi provinces as Nineveh, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Diyala in addition to Al-Anbar on the tenth of June of last year, has led to a wave of mass exodus of its population towards safer areas