Abdul-Mahdi stressed that there should be a link between increased imports of oil and gas and economic progress in all sectors

He called on local governments to build a consultative relationship with the Ministry of oil away from the central oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, local governments to build a consultative relationship with the Ministry, away from Central laws. and Abdul Mahdi said during the meeting, the oil Ministry's deliberative discussion of powers between the Federal Government and local governments in the management of oil that "this meeting is one of the most serious meeting that his Ministry has invited oil and this is about the core of our mission as a Ministry responsible for oil and gas sector in Iraq that everyone is aware of the importance For the national economy as well as for the local governments.

"he noted that" oil Pat occupies the first and almost the only public entries to our country and our State budget to that interest in this meeting and tracks the relationship between the Federal Government and is the core of our duties regardless of laws or sovereign oil Ministry and be Her immediate. "and we" see the real point of that Ministry's work cannot be accomplished correctly without straight and clear relationship with local governments and are aware of the difficulties the historical heritage of this relationship of many Central and laws that hinder local and Federal Government work, we collaborate to build a consultative relationship solid looking public interest both locally and nationally.

"we know that oil and gas battle is the battle of Iraq as the security battle against daash protecting State security And in this fight we make dear and precious to provide martyrs and men to triumph over all stand behind daash armed forces and the popular crowd and the peshmerga and tribesmen to victory in this battle and a major part of this battle is the battle being the battle means the oil economy and resources to sustain the battle income security.

"but that" without a clear and sound relationship between local governments and the Federal Government, represented by the Ministry of oil, we won't be able to achieve the results that have been achieved during the past period and everything in oil has a national extensions but also his domestic extensions In all the provinces of the pipeline network and transport and refineries and production fields and everything about our local and national dimensions and without combining them will be replaced with the relations and will not be able to achieve the required achievements for the country.

"he added that" today, through the past decades served the Iraqi people's oil in many Affairs but we feel that oil development has been at the expense of the real sectors and from other industrial sectors, agriculture and services, but in the service of internal and external wars of aggression resulting in the destruction of Iraq still hit his prices and push this relationship Today must serve the economy and not on his ", noting that" when the oil resources must find a decline in unemployment rates do not rise to these rates, as happened in previous decades as it gets sometimes. "and stressed that" there is a link between increased imports of oil and gas and economic progress in all sectors could absorb labour and generate more added value to our product nationally and is easy to do and only only in cooperation with local governments. "

"We are keen to hold such meetings and excited about them and try to find characterizations that helps us overcome obstacles and overcame many of them and there are other should surpass" wider details r 3 and r 4.