Parl Legal assume Presidency of Parliament to disrupt adoption General Amnesty 11-1
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Thread: Parl Legal assume Presidency of Parliament to disrupt adoption General Amnesty 11-1

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    Parl Legal assume Presidency of Parliament to disrupt adoption General Amnesty 11-1

    Parliamentary Legal assume the Presidency of the Parliament to disrupt the adoption of a general amnesty


    Continue . And babysit - Parliamentary Legal Committee carried the responsibility of the Presidency of Parliament disable approval of the draft of the amnesty law and not to include the agenda of the meetings of Parliament for approval.

    Vice-Chairman Muhsin al-Sadoun, told public opinion, "and babysit," he said the "general amnesty law has been discussed in the Commission and the political consensus and we are faced with public pressure and politically significant for approval" and urged "the inclusion of law in the agenda of the next plenary agenda and presented for the second reading and amendment of some paragraphs and go the fact that the vote will solve a lot of problems at this particular time. "

    He stressed "the need to support the media in the claim of the Commission of the Presidium of the House of Representatives to include the law on the agenda as soon as it is to have about a month ago but is disabled then our face and we officially have a book to be put to parliament."

    He Sadoun that "the law which does not include the terrorists exceptions and through the discussion of the law in parliament, we will see proposals of Representatives around in order to get them to the idea to amend the exceptions and addressed," adding that "terrorism is excluded from the amnesty and there are heinous crimes can not be where the commutation of sentences out but at the same time we want apply the kind of justice for the presence of large numbers of prisoners whose cases have not been resolved. "

    The Vice-Chairman of the Legal Committee in Parliament, said that "exceptions exist in the original anti-terrorism No. 13 of the 2005 Act and the same law there article says that claims he has been subjected to looting benefit torture or pressure as possible to submit an application for a retrial again, so there are some things require discussed in the House of Representatives to reach a conclusion about them. "

    Sadoun promised to pass this law, that it would be "an important step," adding, "We do not want that the law includes dangerous criminals who have committed crimes against the Iraqi people, but we want to address the other cases of detained for years without trial," adding that the government did not withdraw the bill from the House of Representatives which is when body presidency of the Council. "

    The House of Representatives ended on the fifth of July, the first reading of the draft of the amnesty law, while President of the Council Saleem al-Jubouri called for political blocs to need to agree on their differences on the draft law.

    Jubouri also stressed the importance of the adoption of the draft general amnesty law as "the most important step to achieve the national reconciliation project," pointing out that "the law does not stray far from the government's reform campaign which coincided Parliament to initiate it."

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