Badri close to Maliki reveals his quest to thwart al-Abadi

Baghdad-Iraq Press -1 November:

Detection close to the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki source for his quest to thwart the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi, and overthrow him from office. Quoted "toss" news about Razak al-Haidari, a member of the Iraqi parliament from the Badr Organisation affiliated bloc in State of Law coalition led by al-Maliki, said that "there was a move within the state of law, led by al-Maliki, his goal to thwart al-Abadi movement and steps of reform," adding that "Maliki's move came because of provoking the ire of leaders of the Dawa Party of the actions of al-Abadi." He denied the leadership of a close associate of al-Maliki, and an intention to resort to return to the presidency of the Iraqi government, likely to be "has the intention to pay a candidate close to him to get the post of prime minister."

And the deputy Haidari that "al-Abadi did not discuss with the coalition of state law, none of the reformist decisions he made," adding that "the Shiite alliance not up to an acceptable level, able to withstand the challenges and this is due to the failure of political leaders. "There were differences al-Maliki and al-Abadi on the surface recently, where al-Maliki slab of no confidence in al-Abadi, and gave him three days ending on Monday to answer the questions that related to its management of the affairs of the country .

Abadi For his part, was quick to State of Law coalition led by al-Maliki, for a meeting of senior figures in the political body of the Islamic Dawa Party, which was rejected by al-Maliki, speaking on condition reply to his letter before the meeting. The data indicate that Maliki's coalition, seeking to persuade al-Abadi to reverse its decisions reform and return to the coalition, which came out of him, and stay away from the coalition of citizens led by Ammar al-Hakim and the Liberal bloc led by Muqtada al-Sadr.

Abadi seeks help Hakim In another move to cope with the pressures of al-Maliki and his efforts, Abadi rushed to meet Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Supreme Council to request the assistance of his bloc in Parliament not to vote on the withdrawal of the mandate of the Abadi to implement his reform plan.

The publication of the official website of sage, issued a statement in which he said that "al-Abadi discussed with al-Hakim, the victories achieved in the breakers of Baiji, Anbar and pan Salah al-Din, and praised unite between all the armed forces, which was the direct cause of achieving victory." The statement pointed out that the meeting touched on the reform steps Abadi, where Hakim pointed out that the reforms require the availability of basic conditions in which Kalagdih and root, inclusiveness and approval of the law and the Constitution, and according to the Albaan.anthy (1)