Minister of Commerce: mafias and corruption involved parties to promote my escape from Iraq

Baghdad-Iraq Press -1 November

denied the Minister of Commerce, Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim Metrdd of news about "his escape out of Iraq, describing it as" fabrications tendentious, behind them mafias and the parties involved corruption meant to influence the course of the investigation and service acquisition targets The ministry and looting.

The Minister of Trade is under the investigation of the judiciary on charges of financial corruption and Aladaraa in a statement, received / Iraq Press /, a copy of it, on Sunday, said that "judicial procedures on to prove his innocence of the charges against him are well advanced," pointing out that "the defenses file presented by the judiciary to include evidence and evidence to prove that he has provided large sums of money to the state treasury, by reducing costs and ensuring the supply of the best types of food supplies at the lowest prices. "

He stressed that he "respects the judicial decisions and comply with the procedures, but it reserves the right to sue and to provide defensive Regulations to prove his innocence," stressing that "there is a lot of confusion young files presented before the competent courts, and that the coming days will reveal significant developments towards decoder ambiguity and clarify the confusion a buzz in public opinion. "

He pointed out that he was "confident of the integrity, objectivity and impartiality of the judges", not striking out that "part of what is presented to it enters the political miscarriage box, the other part reflects the blueprint behind it mafias and the parties involved corruption, the uniqueness of the ministry during the period of his absence to seize the capabilities of the ministry and tampering Bakot people ". Ended (1)