Parliament speaker calls for activating the national reconciliation process in accordance with the procedures file


(Independent) .. House Speaker Salim al-confirmed "that bridges clans solid contributed the maximum home to end the cohesion of the country and save it from the quagmire of blood and sedition", calling for activating the national reconciliation file according to the process of contributing to harmony between the components of society measures.

Jubouri said in a speech at his presence, on Sunday, a tribal conference, held by the Committee on Parliamentary clans, the tribes roles of several of them to defend the honor of the homeland and liberate the land of the terrorist organization Daash which lawful blood of Iraqis without exception, stressing the promotion of national unity and social fabric and to maintain prestige of the state, demanding that the tribes advancing rows and sharpen motivational and lead the country to safety and rescue him, which happened to him of crises and conversant.

And he stressed the importance of addressing all the problems left behind by the sectarian conflict, and give the tribes an active role in this regard, in the hope that the fatwas religious authorities contribute to help the displaced in these difficult circumstances.

Jubouri between "The Iraqi tribes can not be measured tribal society in any other country Vhyuh clans have depth and Muslim political thought," stressing "and more important than expected to force the tribes would weaken the prestige of the state, especially in such a circumstance in which we live." (End)