Economist: multiplicity of actors responsible for oil will affect negatively on the economy of Iraq

News source: Ali Salman
Section: Economic page
November 1, 2015, 8:51 am

View Economist Basil al-Obeidi, Saturday, that the multiplicity of authorities on oil will affect negatively the economic production quantity of Iraqi oil-producing provinces, noted that oil cannot transfer of powers to the provinces at the moment because of the situation in the country.

Al-Obeidi said that "multiple responsible oil fields will impact negatively on the economic situation, as well as reluctance to increase oil production for provinces, the oil in Iraq require political centralization and managed not to multiple regulators".

He added that he "could not presently transferring powers from the Ministry of oil to the provinces because of security conditions in the country would understand how negatively the economic reality of Iraq" and called on the Iraqi Government to take a lesson from the oil-export accord Kurdistan oil without asking permission of the Centre has caused economic and political problems between the two sides. "

And oil-producing provinces were held today regular meeting in Dhi Qar governorate and oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to discuss the mechanism for the transfer of powers.