Iraq resorted to Japan "friend" urgent help for displaced people

Twilight News / student of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi, friendly countries, especially Japan, to provide immediate and direct assistance to the displaced, pointing out that the environmental and living their reality is now threatened with collapse after flooding rains wave that swept through the camps.
This came during a meeting with Japan's new ambassador to Iraq, Fumio Iwai, in his office today.
Hamoudi stressed during the meeting that Iraq has privacy in the region, able to maintain a balance of all relations with most of the major countries in the world, pointing to the importance of the entry of investment companies within the country and benefit from the expertise and experience in the Japanese economy and training. "
He first deputy chairman of the Council expressed full support for the task of the new ambassador to serve the interests and aspirations of the two countries, wishing to be the current ambassador, permanent and distinguished presence to provide the best opportunities to promote and expand the horizons of cooperation between the two friendly countries.
For his part, Ambassador Fumio, the determination of his government to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries and make adequate efforts to strengthen the bonds of friendship, reviewing the role of the Japanese loan in the provision of facilities for Iraq and the entry of investment companies guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the investment law, which was voted on last week.