Renewed demonstrations teachers in Sulaimaniya and a hint by continuing the beginning of each week until delivery salaries

Sulaymaniyah - Iraq Press - October 31 / October: According to the National Union of Kurdistan, on Saturday, renewed demonstrations teachers and teachers in the city of Sulaymaniyah in protest at the pay of employees in the Kurdistan delay. He said the site, "The demonstrations come as part of an earlier statement to teachers and teachers, constantly sit-ins every Saturday in front of the Directorate of Educational Sulaymaniyah committed official hours during days other week." It is said that the dead and wounded who were killed in clashes between police and demonstrators tried to storm the Kurdistan Democratic Party headquarters area of Fort Daza in the Sulaymaniyah earlier this month, as was the burning of other headquarters of the movement of Kurdish Change accused Bovtaalha at the time, who had been the last elements of the prosecution to Kurdistan Democratic Party deliberately burned its headquarters, "he described. The demonstrations come against the backdrop of the failure of the five main Kurdish parties to agree among themselves to resolve the issue of election of the President of the region and the continuation of political and economic crisis across the region and which resulted in the delay distribution of salaries, especially for teachers and school prov .